Entrance Wall

Creative Stone, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality stone veneer products for the construction industry, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers.

Creative Stone, Inc. hand selects natural stone to use as masters in the mold making process to exactly replicate the texture, color and feel of natural stone. Each style requires its own unique formulation of lightweight aggregates, iron oxide pigments and Portland cement.

Base colors run throughout our stone for a consistent appearance. Mold sets are produced without duplicates to insure a non-patterned effect.

Creative Stone, Inc. products are colorfast and base colors are warranted for life against fading in both interior and exterior applications. As with all masonry type products, natural weathering will occur depending on ecological and environmental conditions

Creative Stone products are attractive and natural in appearance, and are suitable for both interior and exterior use. Our veneer can be applied over masonry, metal, wood or any other structurally sound wall surface. The lightweight properties of the material makes our products ideal for use when natural stone would not be suitable. No additional structural support or ledges are required.

Creative Stone is the perfect choice for new construction, remodels, and late-change orders. All of our products are approved for use in both commercial and residential applications.

Installation is faster, easier and less costly than natural stone.

Telluride Red Cobble

Ledger & Fieldstone

Arizona Block